Sunday, February 26, 2006

Two More Days in February

I am not going to accomplish the double marathon I was aiming for this month. Thus beginneth the excuses: This is a short month - only 28 days; I had the flu for a few days; February is a SAD month - and I have suffered more than usual from that deficiency.

Anyway, I have finished a marathon and a half! Thus beginneth the qualifications: Some of this is in the course of daily life. On days when I have known I would be doing a lot of going, I put on the pedometer, made a point of parking away from my destination, took additional steps purposefully, and counted the total at the end of the day. Perhaps you folks don't count that kind of walking??

Given all these ifs, and, and buts -- my grand total with two days to go is TA DAH!!! 39.6 miles! I hope to make that 45 by the end of February. I will start again and work toward the double marathon in March.

Congrats to those of you how are accomplishing this goal even while working full time!!!

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