Sunday, May 21, 2006

May (or Maybe not)

I wish more folks would get involved with the Monthly Marathon. I need the encouragement! We haven't been very dedicated to it in May. We have walked very sporadically and kept poor to non-existent records.
With graduation for Lil and the usual end-of-year madness for a teacher, time has been short.

A couple of weeks ago I popped into our local Salvation Army Thrift Store, as I do often, to check out the latest book donations. There, among the usual tangle of rusty, warped, and/or dented No-Names and Huffys, were a matching pair of green Raliegh Sprite Bikes, probably 30 -40 years old but in good shape for their age. Knowing they were great bikes in their day I bought 'em for $9.99 each, threw them onto the truck and drove them straight to Bob's Cycle Shop. I told the new Bob (the original Bob sold out a few years ago) to put on new tires and cables and fix 'em up for me. I figured $50 bucks apeice, he estimated $75, the final bill was about $100 each. But, be that as it may, for a little over 200 bucks we have two cool green smooth-running ten-speeds.
Today was our first chance to give them a decent workout. We rode them along the riverwalk to the Braves Stadium and back (9.2 miles). Brannon took our pics as we celebrated with strawberry popsicles on our return. The pic is in our backyard. The Riverwalk is on the levee in the background.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Shame and Disgrace!

It's April 30th, and I've done an terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad job of keeping up with my walking this month. I HAVE walked but not as much as I should have. And I haven't kept track of any of this. I WILL do better in May. I must. I've got a beach trip planned in July, and then in late August/early September I'll be returning to Alaska which is a very strenuous vacation. Gotta get into shape!

Joan's April Report

I have not done well in the marathon this month; but I am determined to report whether for good or ill.

I will make a couple of excuses: the first part of the month was occupied with lots of car trips requiring lots of sedentary time. For the last week I have been unable to put on closed shoes due to some minor toe surgery (removal of the nail from the "piggy that went to market.") That thing has been SORE!! And the doctor told me to wear only sandals for a week or two and let it heal and get a lot of air. My poor feet usually don't see the light of day often; they get cold easily, so I wear socks even to bed. So -- they have not only hurt; they have also been COLD.

Excuses aside, I logged a grand total of 17.9 miles in April - almost nine miles short of the goal. I will get a slow start next month until I can wear closed shoes and socks again, then I hope I can get the whatever-it-takes to get back into the program.

Yea for those of you who are persevering!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Update - T&S

It's been a week. Sheila and I are having a tough time remembering exactly our routes and mileage this week. I think we skipped Tuesday (I was busy recording the scripture for the Last Supper reenactment at our church) Sheila, Lillian and Daisy took a brief walk that night. We may have skipped Wednesday, as well. After the Maundy Thursday service and the Last Supper we drove over to the Library and took the Riverwalk almost all the way to the by-pass and back -- I'm guessing 3 miles total. Friday and Saturday we walked the downtown route -- about 3.6 miles each. Sunday a 45 minute walk to Ridge Ferry Park and back. About 2.2? So that's approximately 12.4 miles for the week and 38.9 for April.

I need a new digital camera. Lillian, I'm sure, would like me to stop borrowing hers so often and I want to do a collection of higher-res Riverwalk pics. There are just some gorgeous photo opportunities along the rivers.

We often meet folks we know as we walk: the Poe family on bikes at Ridge Ferry; Leigh Callan, who wanted info on a CD of The Civil War; George and Ann Pullen by the library; Ernie Studdard, a couple of times this week on Broad; David and Susan Campbell, out on a "Great Date" a while back; students, former students, and other school kids who know me even though I don't recognise them. At school, some kid will pop up about once a week to say, "I saw you walking last night, Mr. Shaw!"

I love living in Rome. Great weather, (OK, except for July and August.) Beautiful scenery. Good cultural, entertainment and sports opportunities. Close enough to Altlanta and Chattanooga to taste the big city delights occasionally. Close enough to the Pocket, Little River, Cohutta, etc. to see nature undisturbed. Shoot, we've got Marshall Forest, Blacks Bluff, and Whitmore Bluffs in or touching the city limits. Rome is small enough that you never feel anonymous, but large enough that you don't feel everyone peering into your business.

I'm feeling a little lonesome on this blog, though! Let's hear from some of the rest of you Monthly Marathoners!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Joan's Update

I have been very busy lately and haven't been home much to post my progress here or to write for Daddy's Roses. My (I probably should say "our" because Jim walked almost all of this with me) total for the month of March was 64.9 miles. Most of that was walking tours during our trip to the Mediterranean.

Since the beginning of this month, I have been home seldom and have had to spend a lot of time in the car. Most of my exercise has been acheived by going up and down to and from the attic, packing boxes and push-pulling them around and stacking them, and other moving-related activity. I spent 5 days with my daughter's family and took her 3 children for a walk every day around the block in their community for a total of 5 miles.

Terrell and Sheila are doing SO Well! Way to go, Terrell and Sheila!!! And I am really enjoying the pics Terrell is posting of their treks around town. I am jealous of their proximity to such a scenic walking route! I won't try to use the lack of one as an excuse for my lethargy, however.
I hereby promise to get off my (let's see -- what is an acceptable term here?) "couch" and get serious about the marathon again.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Terrell & Sheila, again

We are having a great time walking. My mother has a friend coming to visit and asked about what she ought to show of our dear hometown. I couldn't help but think as we strolled along the Oostanaula tonight that she couldn't go wrong taking her friend for an amble along the Riverwalk!

The swallows are entertainment enough for anyone. What frantic little graceful wonders, soaring, swooping, gliding, lighting briefly to add a fragment to a nest or feed a nestling, then off to swoop, soar, and glide again. Beautiful little birds!

The Cliff Sparrows build huge adobe cliff dwellings (above) to rival the Anasazi right there on the side of a busy modern highway bridge.

And the barn swallows with their fancy forked tails, too aloof for such a commune, build individual hanging mud huts (above) here and there farther under the bridge.

If birding's not your cup of tea, just take a gander at the pretty old buildings reflected in the water as you meander up the Oostanaula behind Broad Street up to the library and on to Ridge Ferry Park and the Chieftains Museum. Or detour on to Brioad itself and enjoy a real cup of tea at George Kastanias' Victorian Tea Room or a cup a' java at the Forrest Coffee Shop. Then check out the local history at the Floyd County History Museum on Broad.

Like machinery? Take a gander at the old Swing Bridge (Robert Redden Footbridge, above). This old railway bridge used to turn on this center column so steamboats could move up the Oostanaula. See the gears and wheels of the turntable?

Tonight we got in 4.5 miles along both sides of the river. Yesterday after church we took Daisy down t0 Heritage Park and back (2 miles). And Saturday we walked to Barron Stadium and sampled international foods at the Rome International Festival. We had a Chicken Curry Rice dish from the Indian community of South Africa, we had a beef and rice dish from Korea. Bright red chicken from India, Dulce de Leche Cake from Liberia, some wonderful Potato-Rice-Meat croquette and a Cabbage-Meat roll made by my friend Widad of Kurdistan (Iraq). While we were there we walked a mile on the football track, then across the river to the Salvation Army store on Second Avenue, where I bought two 25¢ paperbacks and a coffee cup with the Clocktower on it for 39¢. (2.5 miles) That brings our total for April to 26.5.

(I took the pictures above.)

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Barn Swallows & Cliff Swallows

The barn swallows and cliff swallows have returned to the bridges of the Oostanaula. They are busy building their mud homes

and mud apartments under the bridges. Soon the Mama swallows will be attacking me on the riverwalk for coming too near their babies. It's fun to watch these flying insect eaters (Anything that eats mosquitoes is a friend of mine!) swooping up and down the levee, so low they seem to brush the grass, never lighting except at the nests.

Monday about 4 miles. Tuesday - zip. Wednesday 4 miles again, a little over 3 miles on Thursday, Friday - zip. 17.5 for the month. Great walking weather. (Pics from Google)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Goals? Terrell & Sheila

We took Lillian to Jackson, Tennessee, for a tour of Lambuth University. We enjoyed the visit and managed to walk a good bit. We came back to Monteagle to spend the night and then spent much of today touring the gorgeous University of the South campus on top of the mountain at Sewanee, Tennessee. These are three pics from the web:

I wish we had taken a camera. Sewanee is a beautiful campus with scenic overlooks of long valleys including the one above that spreads beneath a huge Memorial Cross. The All Saints Chapel is resplendant with wonderful stained-glass windows depicting the history of the Christianity, the Episcopal Church in England and America (even Wesley), and the history of Sewanee itself. One window has a VW bug in the background of one scene! The campus architecture is modeled after English schools. Most profs and many students (members of the Order of Gownsmen) even wear Hogwartesque open black robes to class. We took a walk down the sidewalks from the main campus past the theology school and then along a sandy meandering path through the woods to the cross and overlook. There and back about 3 miles total.

Lil is still leaning toward attending Mercer, but we enjoyed the visits. I wore my new pedometer both days and ran up twelve and a half miles. I'm gonna arbitrarily count half of that toward my April goal.
Sheila and I have set a walking goal of matching our March 2.5 or so miles per day average.

Here's how we've done so far this year:

January - 27 miles (approx)
February - 29.5 miles
March - 74.2 miles
Year so far - 130.7

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mon/Tues Update - Terrell & Shiela

A couple of miles on the levee and downtown each day. 74.2 miles for the month.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Great to hear from you, Brandy! Sheila and I have been lucky in great weather in March and the encouragement of each other. Also I made my ridiculous goals at the first of the month and tend to get kinda obsessive about such things!

We logged over 17 miles on the pedometer on Friday and Saturday at Cypress Gardens. I'm not sure how much of that to count. We did very little walking on Thursday and Sunday since we spent a total of twenty hours in the car.

I think I'll just arbitrarily count half of the Florida miles. That gives us 70.2 miles for March! I have whupped my "March Starry-eyed Pie-in-the-Sky Idealist Goal - 62 miles (Whoopee, I'm Mr. Buff!! I might even run a ways, come April!)"

Checking In

Hi Folks, I've been somewhat remiss for this month. I haven't logged my miles and I know I'm short for this month as the dogs and I did quite a few shorter walks due to the puppy having had his little surgery. Sounds like everyone who has been posting has been going above and beyond the call of duty, that's really great! I'd guess my mileage for the month is around 16 or 17. I go on vacation on Wednesday and won't have a car so I'm hoping to maybe get off to a better start for April. Love all the photos you've all been posting.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mon/Tues/Weds Report - Terrell & Sheila

We've been busy and bad: rain Monday; 3.6 miles Tuesday (between the rivers); getting ready for Cypress Gardens tonight. Total for March: 61.7 miles. I'll post again on Sunday if a gator don't get me. I hope we get some good walking done in the Sunshine State.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sat/Sun Update - Terrell & Sheila

A River Walk

3.5 miles around downtown last night and 5.6 miles today down the levee (above) to the confluence then up First Ave to the Silver Creek trail. 58.1 miles for the month. Here are a few more pics I took along the way:

Our courthouse reflected in the Oostanaula

The confluence of the Oostanaula (left) and Etowah (right) rivers to form the Coosa River. The bridge at the right is the Robert Redden Footbridge, a former railroad bridge that rotated on the center column so steamboats could continue up the Oostanaula. The bridge at the right takes Broad Street across the Etowah to the foot of Myrtle Hill.

The Silver Creek Trail crosses the Etowah on another railroad bridge turned footbridge (above) then follows little Silver Creek for three-quarters of a mile as it cascades down to the river.

I've lived in Rome since 1962, but I was completely ignorant of these picturesque downtown views until last week!

Notice the nearly vertical sandstone and shale layers, evidence of the crumpling of the former sea floor here in the Ridge and Valley province between the Blue Ridge and the Cumberland Plateau. At our school I can take my kids out to the driveway cut and pull shell fossils and crinoid stems from the crumbly sandstone.

The creek flattens a little as it nears the river.

The 1913 postcard (above) shows a mill on Silver Creek. I suspect the foreground is a bridge over the Etowah and the mill was at the mouth of Silver Creek. Or else it is high water on some other section of the creek. If anyone knows where this picture was taken, please let me know.

Joan's Update

Hello All! We just returned to the good ol' US of A after 10 days in the Mediterranean. (I wanted to post a pic here, but I can't get Blogger to accept any of my photos right now. I'll figure it out later.)

I clipped on the pedometer when we started each morning and took it off when we finished touring for the day. All together I logged 43.5 miles while we were gone. This was wonderful walking! We walked around Athens, Greece; Valetta, Malta; Naples, Pompeii, and Rome, Italy; Taormina, Sicily; and Nice, France! Wow, what an opportunity, huh!? Of course a good portion of it was also through airports - Atlanta, JFK and LaGuardia in New York, Athens, and Nice.

This touring milage brings my March total to 52.6 - a little over my goal of a double marathon for the month!!! And I still have 12 days to add more!

Sounds like some of you are doing great without as much incentive as I have had this month. Congratulations!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Weds/Thurs/Fri Report - Terrell & Shiela

It's been a real treat to have Sheila with me for my walks this month. She's helped to keep me on target. Wow! We've put in more miles than I thought we could. For three nights in a row we've done a late walk down what has become our "usual" after dark stroll down Broad. Tonight Lillian joined us and with her encouragement we altered the route slightly and climbed all the way up to the clock tower up 2nd Street from Second Avenue. Beautiful views, but a strenuous walk.
Sheila and I are up to 49 miles flat for March. We've gone a little crazy, I know.

I hope all the other marathoners are plugging along. How about some reports?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mon/Tues Report - Terrell & Sheila

We drove over to First Avenue to explore the Silver Creek walk. We parked by an ancient warehouse, and started the short trail. The old railroad bridge over the Etowah has been reworked to hold the walking/bike trail. Just across the river the trail follows the surprisingly scenic Silver Creek. The stream cascades across rocks and below a steep cliff. There was once a grist mill here - no sign of it now. The trail ends near East 12th and we retraced our steps to the car while we talked with Brannon at Cypress Gardens on the cell phone. Multitasking. 1.5 miles. We dropped the car off at the house and went back out for our now usual nighttime walk of 3.2 miles to the foot of Broad Street and back.

We started just at dusk down the levee to the confluence as the full moon rose over the spires and towers of downtown. I took a few pics but they didn't turn that great. Maybe I can fix a couple to post. We walked up Broad tonight all the way to Eighth and back for a total of 3.2 for today.

So far in March: 39.1 miles.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Update for Sunday - Carol

I walked for 40 minutes (2 miles) out on the land. (16.5 total so far) Ron had already left for a business trip. So I had to walk by myself. It was a beautiful day and beautiful scenery along the way! I took some pictures. Here is one. The flower is not quite in focus, but I thought it was pretty there among the dead leaves from winters, the purple and white flowers and green plants beginning to grow.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Update - Terrell & Sheila

2.4 miles today along the Levee and Broad Street. 31.2 miles for the month.

It does feel good to be keeping up with our big goal for the month, Carol. I hope we can keep the pace. We've been lucky in fantastic weather... global warming gives us good walking weather in Rome, I guess. :-) We were considering turning on the A/C today. It's hot!

Let's hear from everybody... keep going for the marathon!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday Addition - Carol

I just got back from an EXHAUSTING 2 hours of hiking and biking on the land. It wasn't continuous walking and biking. In between I was hauling logs, cutting small trees and helping to clear a road. I will conservatively add the equivalent of 5 miles to my total for a grand total of 14.5 miles so far for March.

Terry - although your feet hurt, my guess is that it's a good hurt. Congratulations on walking so much with Sheila this month - and it's only the 11th day of the month! WOW!

My feet hurt!

We skipped Thursday because of rain and Friday because Lillian's literary meet, a resulting shopping trip and laziness. So we decided to have a nice long walk in the springlike weather of early afternoon today. First we took Daisy for a one mile stroll. Then we walked down the levee to Fifth, across and over to Ridge Ferry Park via the Riverwalk. We discovered the walk has been extended behind Chieftains Museum so we explored it all the way to State Mutual Stadium - 3 miles out and 3 back, for a grand total of seven miles for the afternoon, and sore feet. Gorgeous walk among the mamas and daddys and kids, elderly couples, young lovers, friends, and individuals on foot, on bikes and in kayaks.

21.8 plus seven miles today put us past the old marathon mark for this month, already. 28.8!
And all of it together! It's been great spending this time with Sheila - though we've put off some other things so we can walk. Maybe we'll make one of those outlandish goals I set for this month.

My feet hurt.

Saturday Update, March 11, From Carol

I just got back from an invigorating 45-minute hike on our land. Whew! It went from winter last weekend to spring this weekend. No jacket, and it was still very warm. I'd guesstimate that we walked about two miles. Added to the other miles from this month, that puts my total at 9.5 miles so far for March. Yea! I LOVE this kind of weather.

I hope everyone else is doing well. I'll bet Joan is getting some miles in on her trip. If anyone reads this and hasn't joined the Monthly Marathon - remember that you can join at any time.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March, Week 1 report for Carol

March is going a little better than February. Ron and I walked for about 30 minutes this evening right before dark -- up and down hills on the land he bought. It's rugged walking. I will count it as 1 1/2 miles. Since March 1st, I've logged approx. 5.5 miles (including today's walk). Got to get moving and get more miles in!

Tues/Wed Report - Terrell & Sheila

2.5 miles on Broad St & environs on Tuesday. Sheila wasn't feeling well - she stayed out of work - so I was glad we got in as much as we did. Tonight we took the levee to Heritage Park, the footbridge to Broad St. Up First Ave. three blocks, over to Second Ave, back to Broad, dinner at the Harvest Moon Cafe, then back our usual path - 3.2 miles.

Total for the month: 21.8 miles.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sunday/Monday report - Terrell & Sheila

I think Sheila may be committed to the Monthly Marathon now. She has accompanied me on every step of the MM this month so far. Yesterday afternoon we covered 2.5 miles on the levees. This evening we had a very nice brisk walk along Avenue A, Fifth Ave, First Street, across to Broad from the fire station, down Broad to the Etowah and back by the same route. That's 3.2 miles more.
We're up to 16.1 miles for March.

I hope the rest of the MM folks are getting out in this beautiful early Spring -- well, Spring has come to Georgia in flower and fancy if not by the calendar. The daffodils, pears, quince and forsythia are bursting out all over and some of the riverbank trees and shrubs have a fringe of tiny leaves or blooms.

Come, Spring, come!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday update - Terrell

Sheila and I took a midday walk in gorgeous weather today. Daisy kept us company for a mile of it, then we walked the full leghth of the levee and back. Total for today 4 miles. That's 10.4 miles fot the month.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A good Start on March - Terrell

Sheila and I enjoyed the gorgeous bit of spring that is visiting late winter this week by taking long walks yesterday and today. Last night, after the Ash Wednesday service, we walked down to the courthouse, up First Av to the Library then down Broad Street all the way to the Etowah and back to Fifth Ave. where we stopped for supper at El Zarape and then back down Broad and up Third St to First Methodist and back again and home. A Total of 3.2 miles.
Tonight we walked the same route with a small adjustment but the same mileage. No dinner break this time.
So March is off to a good start: 6.4 miles so far. At this rate I'd make 99.2 miles this month. Doable, right? (Ha!)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st Report

January - 27 miles (approx)
February - 29.5 miles
Two-month Total - 56.5

March Minimum Goal - 31 miles (At least I didn't quit!)
March Improvement Goal - 39 miles (By Gum, I improved a little!)
March Mr. Optimist Goal - 47 miles (Not too shabby!)
March Keepin'-up-with-Joan Goal - 52.4 miles (I think Ican, I think I can...)
March Starry-eyed Pie-in-the-Sky Idealist Goal - 62 miles (Whoopee, I'm Mr. Buff!! I might even run a ways, come April!)

End of February Report - Joan

I finished February, a month of only 28 days, with a total of 45.1 miles. Since I am retired, I had set my goal for a double marathon, which I missed by 7.3 miles. However, I am satisfied with my total given the fact that I had the flu for 4 or 5 days, am continuing to have back problems that limit my activity, and there were only 28 days this month. January = 34.4. February = 45.1. Total for the year = 79.5.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Two More Days in February

I am not going to accomplish the double marathon I was aiming for this month. Thus beginneth the excuses: This is a short month - only 28 days; I had the flu for a few days; February is a SAD month - and I have suffered more than usual from that deficiency.

Anyway, I have finished a marathon and a half! Thus beginneth the qualifications: Some of this is in the course of daily life. On days when I have known I would be doing a lot of going, I put on the pedometer, made a point of parking away from my destination, took additional steps purposefully, and counted the total at the end of the day. Perhaps you folks don't count that kind of walking??

Given all these ifs, and, and buts -- my grand total with two days to go is TA DAH!!! 39.6 miles! I hope to make that 45 by the end of February. I will start again and work toward the double marathon in March.

Congrats to those of you how are accomplishing this goal even while working full time!!!

(Minimum) Goal met!

Whew! With the wind blowing steadily Sheila and I abandoned the levee after a half mile and hit the downtown streets to gain a little windbreak this Sunday afternoon. 2 miles plus 2 and a half before the rain kept us in a couple of days puts us over the Marathan mark for February. Two months down, ten to go for a marathon year. I'm gonna try to add to the February total and shoot for a signiificant mileage increase in March.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Its Saturday!

Good work Terrell and Joan. I missed a day this week to rain, but I'm up to 23.3 for the month, I should just about make it unless we get some bad weather. One thing about having dogs, it makes you go out and do something whether you really want to or not. I always admire those of you who get in long walks, since mine are comparatively short. But I'm pretty steady and regular about getting out everyday even when they are shorter walks.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Weds. Update - Terrell

Two miles all by myself in a soft drizzle on the rain-shiny late-night sidewalks of Rome, Ga.
23 miles this month so far.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday Update - Terrell

I'm up to about 21 miles after a couple of 2 miles plus walks with Sheila the last two days.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Update - Terrell

2.5 miles with Daisy, Sheila and our visiting Yankee friend, Mike. We walked the usual levee walk in the blustery cold wind this afternoon adding a little extra to the end. Yesterday with Lillian at Mercer University for a collefge visit we got in another mile or mile and a half. I'm gonna say I'm up to 16 miles now.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Update - Joan

I am trying for a double marathon this month. I want to be in shape for the walking we'll be doing next month on our trip to the Mediterranean. I have dropped behind the last few days since I have had the flu; but I have 21.6 miles so far this month. I will have to do a lot extra to make the 52.4, won't I? Maybe this medicine I got today will kick in, and I will feel like walking some tomorrow.

Thursday Evening Update - Terrell

Sheila & I and poor little Daisy did the 2 mile levee walk at twilight. Actually met Dylan (one of my students) walking with his mom and two sisters near the confluence of the rivers. So I'm up to 12 miles+ for the month. That's four miles behind pace for my miimum goal. If the weather stays pretty I may catch up.

February Progress

It HAS been a busy month. Hopefully things will settle down a little bit, but I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen. I'm still doing well on weekends and not so well during the week. I'm up to 9.5 miles for the month - only about a third of the way through the mileage, but over half the way through the month. So I've got a LONG way to go. Gotta pick it up!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Thursday Update - Terrell

I've been very busy. But I'm gonna do better. I'm only up to a little over ten miles. Ive got to step it up to get to 26 miles this month!

Wed 15 Feb.

Ahh, I see we are all a little busy. No posts for about a week. Well I'm up to 13.6 for the month. We had snow so, lost one day and it was wet to walk the dogs. Its nice again tomorrow, hope to go to park and get a longer walk either tomorrow or Friday. Hope to hear from you all soon.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reporting In - Joan

So far this month, I have walked 9.8 miles. Most days I get in 3 laps around the mall (1.8 miles); but today I walked outside and logged more than 4 miles.

Tuesday in VA

It looks like I'm at 8.6 for the month so far. Slow but steady. Tomorrow will be a cold one, dogs have to be walked before work and it will be right chilly in the a.m.

Monday Update - Terrell

I'm up to a little over seven miles for February so far. How are the rest of you doing? Hanging in there, I hope.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday totals

Hi folks, here we are again. 4 miles so far for Feb.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Update - Terrell

Two more miles tonight by myself after the rain on the sidewalks of Avenue A.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We're Off!!

Sheila and I and poor little Daisy managed to get in our two mile walk. It's such a nice convenient scenic mile from our back yard, down the levee to Second Avenue and the return mile is nearly as nice looking upstream. There's just no excuse for our missing the opportunity very often. I want to walk more this month -- we'll see. Anyway we have two miles in one day: that's a nice start. I've been constructing my little bar chart in Appleworks. I think I'll wait'll I get a few more miles in to get it started this month.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chart? Graph? Record-Keeping Tools?

Joan asked me about some way to chart our progress on The Monthly Marathon. I've been looking, and I'd appreciate it if anyone else can come up with something. In the meantime, I found THIS SITE that has some charts you can print for your own use. There's something out there. We just have to find it.

OK - Is everyone on board for February????

January Totals - Joan

My final accounting for January is 34.4 miles. Hubby and I just got home from walking three miles tonight at the mall. (If I managed more than you did, don't be discouraged - we are not competing against each other. And I have a lot more flexibility in my schedule than the rest of you do since I am retired from gainful employment!)

January 31 - The Day of Reckoning

It's the day of reckoning for January - and I reckon I did a poor job of keeping track for January. Would you believe it's just been a hectic month? I "feel certain" (honestly!) that I reached the 26.2 miles point. However, I don't have a pedometer or a list of time spent walking to back up that feeling. I was at 17.5 miles a week and a half ago, and over the past week and a half I've been out walking a lot. I feel sure I added 9 miles to that total - and possibly more.

So, tomorrow is a new day and a new month, and I WILL be exact in keeping up with my time and miles this month.

Congratulations to everyone who made it this month! Way to go!

And WOW! We're ready to start the second month of this adventure!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday report

Good work everyone. I've added another 3.5 miles to my last total, unless I"m mistaken I'm now up to 25.9. Yey!! I should make it unless it snows for the next two days and that's just not going to happen!!. Although it was a NICE day today, didn't get out, as I had a meeting here at my house and spent a.m. getting ready, and the p.m. recuperating.

Almost there

I am almost there. We have had spring type weather and I was able to do 3 miles yesterday and 2 today. So between work and home with the cooperation of the weather man... I am soooo close to my goal. Feels Great!

One Down, Eleven to Go!

Sheila and I took a nice sunset walk to the very end of the levee then back to Broad Street to Fifth Ave., back to Ave. A, and home. About 3 miles. That officially puts me over the Monthly Marathon distance for January. Ta-dah!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Getting close!

Sheila and I (and Daisy for part of it) got in two long walks today to make up for the lack of walking the past week. Rehearsals every night until ten-thirty or eleven! Anyway, the marathon distance is still doable before Wednesday. How're the rest of you doing?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Major Progress

I had an unusual opportunity today. My husband had an all-day meeting in Macon. I rode down with him last night, and today while he was in meetings, I walked. I left him at his meeting place, drove to the lovely mall there in Macon, and walked for about an hour before the mall opened. Then I walked around a little more slowly and shopped. The day was so gorgeous! I drove back to the church, parked the car, and took off on foot through the residential community. I walked a total of 18,780 steps according to my pedometer - a little over 8 miles today. So this takes me past the marathon distance. I intend to walk as much as I can for the remaining 7 days of the month.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday report

Added a few more miles over the weekend what with going to the park and whatnot. I seem to be at 22.7. Slowly but surely. Good work Joan, that's impressive.

Monday, January 23, 2006


I can't find my notepad on which I have recorded my mileage. I believe that today is the only day I had not included. I know I didn't walk yesterday. I added today's 1.8 miles.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday nite still pluggin along

Ok, I'm up to 16.1. Its been a busy week, rain on Tuesday, cold on Wednesday, too much work and too much to do. I love those little mileage meters some of you guys do, but I haven't been able to figure it out to include it, any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Weather is supposed to be good over the weekend, hope to get in a little extra mileage though I have a couple of days where I have to go with my dogs to an agility class. Keep up the good work.

A Snail's Pace

I have not walked intentionally or with regularity for the last few days -- and my accumulation has mostly been "in the course of daily activities". I wore my pedometer today and did a lot of walking just to get work done -- I am not sure that is supposed to count. If that is going to count, I probably should shoot for a double marathon per month. Anyway, for what it's worth, this is my total as of tonight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Carol's Update

For the month so far I'm up to 17.5 miles. That leaves about nine miles to go. Gotta get moving more.

Information for new members or those wanting to join

Several people have left comments about joining. However, I need your email address in order to send you information on HOW to access the blog so you can make posts about your progress. Once you send me your email address, I'll add you to the blog membership, and I'll send you all the information you need. THANKS!

To join - you can send an email to or leave a comment on this post.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Crummy weather Day

We walked today, shall I say we forced ourselves outside and only did a half mile because the weather now is cold, windy and bone chilling.
I despise this weather and as far as I am concerned it lasts way too long up North.
I can add another 2 1/2 miles to my walking metre and hope for better weather tomorrow.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday update

Added another 3 miles to my total for the weekend. Oh wait a minute I didn't do that much--only got 2 miles, it was so cold and windy on Sunday we just did the minimun and ran for cover. BRRR, the temperature is certainly fluctuating around here this winter. This week is supposed to warm up again into the 50's and maybe 60's after a weekend of 20's with a wind chill that made it bitter cold. Hope you all are faring better than me!!

Today I marched in the 19th Annual MLK Day Freedom March up Broad Sreet in Rome, Georgia. (Read my post about the march at Alone on A Limb.) It gives me an opportunity to stand up in my community and publically declare, by my presence, that I support the brotherhood of all. And this year the bonus of moving my Monthly Marathon meter along a little. Getting there, marching up Broad and then walking briskly back to my car got me a total of 3633 steps, 1.5 miles. The march itself was a little slow but I deliberately walked briskly to and from.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Report - Terrell

I got out after all sensible folk were in bed tonight and walked to the all night pharmacy about a mile away to pick up a prescription and wandered the city streets and the levee for another couple of miles to get home. The air was so nice and cool and I had my soundtrack to "The Civil War" on the CD player, so it served as rehearsal time too.
I'd love to give a little more time to blogging, but ....

I'll crosspost this on Alone On A Limb.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday Report - Terrell

I have fallen off, what with all my (fill in assorted lame excuses here). Nice walk in the cold tonight. I'm still on target to get the marathon mileage, though. And I'm over the halfway hump. and there's still half a 31-day month left.

But I have a competitive streak, and Joan is beating me!

This past week's progress

I hate to admit this, but I haven't done ANY walking since my last post - and that's almost a week. It has just been a crazy week and dark early. However, I have a new resolution to do it starting now. I'm heading out in a few minutes - and I'll spend some time over at the land. So I should get at least two or three miles of strenuous walking in. I'll check back later.

One of the GOOD things about the Monthly Marathon is that four or five days off doesn't spell doom for the whole month. The 26.2 miles is still within reasonable reach -- and I WILL make it. My next progress report will be out by Monday evening with the weekend's accomplishments.

Carol (Saturday, 1/14/06, 9:24 AM)

Joan's Progress

This report reflects mostly mall-walking. A few miles of it was done outdoors.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday progress

Ok, weather holding really well. I'm up to 10.8. now. Got a couple of good walks in with the dogs. Getting up a little earlier helps, though I hate getting up early.
Keep on walking!!

Beautiful day

It was almost 60 degrees in the Mid-atlantic state today and we really enjoyed our walk and did 3 laps around the circuit which equates to 1 and 1/2 mile. Hated to go back to work ... next time we might bring the tennis rackets and use the courts instead of going back to work. "we only wish"

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Progress Report - Joan

I'm just over halfway! Our weather has been so beautiful; some of this walking has been outside. I love it that way!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another One joins WeGals

Today we walked in beautiful balmy 56 degree weather which is highly unusual for this time of year in the Mid Atlantic states.
We recruited a pudgy middle age man to start walking with us and he actually joined us today while we walked a mile.
I'm happy to report we all had a great time socializing we are clear minded and less hungry in the afternoon and the snacking has decreased significantly.
WE all like this

Tuesday Update

Life is too complicated. Jury duty. School. New student teacher. Report cards. To Kill A Mockingbird. The Civil War.

But Daisy, my poor little blind/deaf Cocker Spaniel, and I got in a mile and a half on the levee tonight. Gorgeous weather. Nice walk. Maybe I'll get back to blogoshere participation next month.

Keep walking, folks!

Tuesday update

Sigh, less than .5 mile today, I'm falling behind. WEather is still good, though probable rain tomorrow. I got up an hour late today and had to make it to an appointment.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Busy weekend, trying to catch up

Hi! I've had a hectic weekend, failed to get out with the dogs on Saturday. Did the 1.5 mile circuite on Friday. Nothing on SAturday, short walk, maybe .5 and the 1.5 on MOnday. Weather really nice today. Tomorrow I have to get up early and going if I'm going to give the dogs some exercise before I head out.
Everyone is doing good!

Another one!

I'm pleased to announce that our little walking group has grown by one more today ! What a wonderful way to get to know each other better... and although I know I need the exercise...the gals I walk with need it just as badly. We walked from 1:30 -2:10 and returned to the office refreshed and clear headed.
Our group numbers 5 now and I'm working on a few fellows that need the break to join us.
Thanks for letting me join in, this holds me accountable for actually taking the walk. I have added another 2 1/2 miles to my already 6 miles

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday Update

Walking the streets again... this time at 10 p.m.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday Update

Another 3 mile brisk walk along the sidewalks. With plays and school and getting ready to send Brannon to Florida, it's been hard to get in the daily walks. My bad!

An update - and Ticker Factory

I've been walking my 30 minutes each day - usually over at the land. I can actually tell the difference. The terrain is hilly, and I can already walk up those easily without losing my breath as quickly! So hurray for progress!

You can go to and make a ticker to track your progress. The downside is that everytime you add mileage, you have to go back to tickerfactory and change your information and get a new url for it. However, it only takes a few minutes.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Newcomer to blogs and Monthly marathon

I've just joined so bear with me, I've never done blogs before. I saw this one and I like to get in a walk every day with my dogs. In fact, I have to walk them everyday, so this gives me a specific goal. On Monday we got in about 1.5 miles yesterday about 1 mile, and today was a work day so we did the short ciruit which is .7 miles. So that gets me to 3.2 so far for the month. Its a little bit each day but steady. The monthly marathon is a great idea. Most days I walk the neighborhood, there are several different circuits I take depending on how much time we have.
Brandy (Brenda)

Second twin updates

Monday I walked 1 mile around my development. I live in the country so it is a nice quiet walk but cold and bone chilly 31 degrees
Tuesday was "walking in the rain" around the court at work. There are tennis courts and a baseball field and I have 2 other colleagues joining me at lunch. We walked 3/4 mile.(we think)

Wednesday.. today.. we did 2 times around the field. I am purchasing a pedometer so we have an idea how far we are going. so far so good! We are even bringing our walking shoes. I hope to get more people out doing this...really clears up the head for the afternoon.

This is a nice way to do it.

3 miles today; 21.62 to go

What a nice night for walking. I was able to measure my path via Sheila's new (used) car today and am much more certain of the exact distance I walked and when I figured my pace it was exactly the same as last time! Wow! My measurements last time were right. And my pedometer was right on the money.

There, dear sisters, is one of my truly weird things: obsession with synchonizing pedometers and such. Every year I do a unit on the solar system with a series of lessons called "A Walk Through the Solar System" I always get obsessed with exact measurements for our "on-campus" model. We count the one-foot tiles; use pedometers; use trundle wheels; double check -- it's ridiculous!

With intersession this week I've been busy. My pedometer says I've been hitting 9,000-11,000 steps per day just doing my thing, not counting "exercise walking", but I'm only gonna count the "on-purpose" Monthly Marathon walking.

I've gotta get me a walkman!

Carol's Progress - Wednesday (Jan. 4)

I got in a 30 minute walk along the road that Ron has made on the land. He worked a bulldozer all day long. It was pretty rugged walking, but not nearly as bad as pre-bulldozer. I'm only going to count it as a mile, though because we didn't walk fast, and we stopped and chatted along the way.

Joan's Report

I got in 1.3 miles in our hilly neighborhood yesterday.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How did everybody do today?

It's the third day of our first Monthly Marathon! We had several people join today. Some don't have blogs, and so they'll be posting here without linking to a blog.

I "walked" on the mini-trampoline for 30 minutes while watching tv. It's actually better exercise than actually walking because I make it more of a march. I'll count it as 2 miles since I think that is a fair estimate. That gives me 4 miles so far this month. 22.6 to go.

Anyone else??

Monday, January 02, 2006

On Track Now -- Joan

Okay, FYI --- I'm on track now. I just got back from a mallwalk. In addition to parking in the far reaches of the parking lot, we walked 6 laps, which according to the mall info desk attendant is equal to 1 and 1/2 miles. According to my pedometer, I walked 1 and 3/4 miles; I suppose I need to adjust my pedometer. I will count today as 1 1/2 miles. That leaves 24.7, right?

Joan's False Start

I made a false start on the marathon. I stepped out too soon (the day before. I got in only about a mile in my false start on 12/31.) At the starting line yesterday a migraine tripped me up, and I was assessed a penalty and an assignment to a later start. For me the marathon begins today instead. I will post my progress.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Janette: Walking and "reading"!

I started off the year with a great 3 mile walk and an equally great book. I've done this walking thing before and I've learned a few tricks. One is listening to a book on tape while I walk. One side of a tape is about 45 minutes to an hour or 3 to 4 miles depending on terrain. I allow myself to listen ONLY when I'm walking. This is fantastic motivation if you get a really good book, especially mysteries! You can't find out what happens next if you don't walk each day.

I get most of my books on tape from the public library, so my motivation comes cheap. It would be free if I didn't have the habit of stopping at the used bookstore every now and then to see what they have. I can pick up a book on tape there for about $6 which is a bargain for a few hours of entertainment and what's usually good motivation.

Today I started listening to Whisky Sour: A Jack Daniels Mystery by J.A. Konrath. The book, so far, is great but I admit that I didn't do the best job planning time for my walk. I'm really hoping to get 5 miles in each day but I won't be too disappointed if I stay over 2 or so.

Oh, and I really need to find a pedometer! I have two or three around here and can't find one. I'm too cheap to give in and buy another yet!

Good luck to everyone participating ~ I hope you find a way to have fun while getting healthy!

Carol has started 2006 off with a HIKE

I won't call what I did today a walk. It was a HIKE! Well over an hour up and down steep hills and through thick brush looking at 90 acres of beautiful Tennessee countryside. I'm going to count is as two miles which is believe is very fair. I exerted a lot more effort than I would have walking two miles on a treadmill or on a park path.

I'm thrilled to start of 2006 with such a fun 1/13 of a marathon!

Terrell is off and walking!

1.6 miles

January 1, 2006 - Sheila and I walked briskly 3750 steps along sidewalks, which was 1.6 miles according to my car odometer (I was obliged to measure after we got back. I know, I'm compulsive about these kinds of things.) That gives me an average stride of 27 in. to program into my pedometer.
24.62 miles to go!