Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Beginnings, New Goals

Terrell's Goals:

I have been on a very informal, inconsistent, push-away-from-the-table diet for a while now. As always, the first few pounds are easy. I'm down from a high of 220 to 211. My doctor wants me to get my "good cholesterol" up (exercise) and my "bad cholesterol" and sugar down. I do not tolerate statin drugs well. I have tried and given up on Lipitor, Crestor, and Vytorin. They give me terrible muscle pains and have affected my "liver" numbers. Now he wants me to try simvastatin -- a very low dose at bedtime. I'm not sure simva- is any different from the other statins. I guess I'll try it. But if exercise and diet could replace it, that would certainly ease my mind a lot. I've been tempted to try the fish oil and red yeast rice regimen. But how do you know you have potent stuff when it is unregulated?

Enough rambling...
Here are my goals in no particular order --

1. exercise 30 min. minimum each day - that should equal about two "marathons" per month.

2. drink only water (lots of water), coffee or tea, and maybe an occasional juice

3. fish twice a week at least

4. desserts only at special events, and only once a week (anytime cobbler is served is definitely a special event)

5. weight target: Under 200 by inauguration day; 180 by 2010.

6. weekly posts on MM to report my progress or lack thereof.

7. less sugar

8. less cholesterol

9. less processed foods

Well, that's it for now.

Here I go.


Carol said...

When I read your #3, my first thought was that you were going fishing twice a week... LOL!

Terrell said...

Nine years later.... chuckling at my continued efforts. I am almost exactly at the weight of this post and still turning over new leaves regularly. Sigh. My fitbit and treadmill have changed my efforts in some ways, but still, at 70 fighting a 35 year battle against that danged metabolism change that occured half my life ago.