Sunday, April 30, 2006

Joan's April Report

I have not done well in the marathon this month; but I am determined to report whether for good or ill.

I will make a couple of excuses: the first part of the month was occupied with lots of car trips requiring lots of sedentary time. For the last week I have been unable to put on closed shoes due to some minor toe surgery (removal of the nail from the "piggy that went to market.") That thing has been SORE!! And the doctor told me to wear only sandals for a week or two and let it heal and get a lot of air. My poor feet usually don't see the light of day often; they get cold easily, so I wear socks even to bed. So -- they have not only hurt; they have also been COLD.

Excuses aside, I logged a grand total of 17.9 miles in April - almost nine miles short of the goal. I will get a slow start next month until I can wear closed shoes and socks again, then I hope I can get the whatever-it-takes to get back into the program.

Yea for those of you who are persevering!

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