Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Update - T&S

It's been a week. Sheila and I are having a tough time remembering exactly our routes and mileage this week. I think we skipped Tuesday (I was busy recording the scripture for the Last Supper reenactment at our church) Sheila, Lillian and Daisy took a brief walk that night. We may have skipped Wednesday, as well. After the Maundy Thursday service and the Last Supper we drove over to the Library and took the Riverwalk almost all the way to the by-pass and back -- I'm guessing 3 miles total. Friday and Saturday we walked the downtown route -- about 3.6 miles each. Sunday a 45 minute walk to Ridge Ferry Park and back. About 2.2? So that's approximately 12.4 miles for the week and 38.9 for April.

I need a new digital camera. Lillian, I'm sure, would like me to stop borrowing hers so often and I want to do a collection of higher-res Riverwalk pics. There are just some gorgeous photo opportunities along the rivers.

We often meet folks we know as we walk: the Poe family on bikes at Ridge Ferry; Leigh Callan, who wanted info on a CD of The Civil War; George and Ann Pullen by the library; Ernie Studdard, a couple of times this week on Broad; David and Susan Campbell, out on a "Great Date" a while back; students, former students, and other school kids who know me even though I don't recognise them. At school, some kid will pop up about once a week to say, "I saw you walking last night, Mr. Shaw!"

I love living in Rome. Great weather, (OK, except for July and August.) Beautiful scenery. Good cultural, entertainment and sports opportunities. Close enough to Altlanta and Chattanooga to taste the big city delights occasionally. Close enough to the Pocket, Little River, Cohutta, etc. to see nature undisturbed. Shoot, we've got Marshall Forest, Blacks Bluff, and Whitmore Bluffs in or touching the city limits. Rome is small enough that you never feel anonymous, but large enough that you don't feel everyone peering into your business.

I'm feeling a little lonesome on this blog, though! Let's hear from some of the rest of you Monthly Marathoners!

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Joan said...

Great, Terrell!!! I have really fallen off the wagon this month. I don't know how (or even IF) to count my routine walking -- and I have done almost none just for exercise. I have run up and down the stairs numerous times every day and have bent, tugged, pulled, lifted, and carried lots -- mostly while walking! Maybe once we get moved to Rome I can do better!