Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anyone want to get the MM going again?

How about an October 2008 challenge? Everyone will make their own goals. Here are mine:

(1) Attend my weekly Weight Watchers meetings each week - and STAY for the meeting (as opposed to just weighing in and leaving). Nine weeks so far - 15 pounds lost.

(2) Do some kind of exercise every day - aim for 30 minutes minimum. Use my pedometer to keep track of mileage - and go for a MONTHLY MARATHON!

(3) Write down every single thing I eat and keep track of WW points.

(4) Remember: It's not a diet - it's a lifestyle change. This is forever - not until I lose some weight.

If you want to join in, just write your own goals in comments - and we'll check in with each other week - and at the end of October we'll see how it went and decide whether or not to try it for November. One step at a time . . .


Terrell said...

I'm game!

Lillian is now a Junior at Mercer Univ. She was a Senior at Rome High when the last MM post was put up!

Very few miles have been put on those bikes!!

CASEY-CTL said...


I will need to consider my goals carefully due to a few health problems but I am in! Give me 24 hours to plan this out and I'll be back with my goals.

Carol said...

Yea! That's three of us so far!

Greta Perry said...

I'd love to join. I have been working on about 10 miles a week and need motivation to keep myself going. THis just may do the trick!

Larisa said...

I'm in - I also will commit to ww once a week. To track my points everyday. To exercise 3 times a week.

Love it!! Love you