Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Goals? Terrell & Sheila

We took Lillian to Jackson, Tennessee, for a tour of Lambuth University. We enjoyed the visit and managed to walk a good bit. We came back to Monteagle to spend the night and then spent much of today touring the gorgeous University of the South campus on top of the mountain at Sewanee, Tennessee. These are three pics from the web:

I wish we had taken a camera. Sewanee is a beautiful campus with scenic overlooks of long valleys including the one above that spreads beneath a huge Memorial Cross. The All Saints Chapel is resplendant with wonderful stained-glass windows depicting the history of the Christianity, the Episcopal Church in England and America (even Wesley), and the history of Sewanee itself. One window has a VW bug in the background of one scene! The campus architecture is modeled after English schools. Most profs and many students (members of the Order of Gownsmen) even wear Hogwartesque open black robes to class. We took a walk down the sidewalks from the main campus past the theology school and then along a sandy meandering path through the woods to the cross and overlook. There and back about 3 miles total.

Lil is still leaning toward attending Mercer, but we enjoyed the visits. I wore my new pedometer both days and ran up twelve and a half miles. I'm gonna arbitrarily count half of that toward my April goal.
Sheila and I have set a walking goal of matching our March 2.5 or so miles per day average.

Here's how we've done so far this year:

January - 27 miles (approx)
February - 29.5 miles
March - 74.2 miles
Year so far - 130.7

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Mandylea said...

Hi there. I was just wondering if your daughter decided on a school? I tried looking through your blog, but could not find anything. I attended Lambuth from 1990-1994 and LOVED it.