Monday, March 27, 2006

Checking In

Hi Folks, I've been somewhat remiss for this month. I haven't logged my miles and I know I'm short for this month as the dogs and I did quite a few shorter walks due to the puppy having had his little surgery. Sounds like everyone who has been posting has been going above and beyond the call of duty, that's really great! I'd guess my mileage for the month is around 16 or 17. I go on vacation on Wednesday and won't have a car so I'm hoping to maybe get off to a better start for April. Love all the photos you've all been posting.


Joan said...
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Joan said...

Thanks for checking in, WMD! Oh my, I just realized what those initials suggest for most folks. I guess I'd better use your signature-name, walkmydogs, instead of the initials, huh? I had wondered if you were still with us. We start a new month next week, so we'll all be on level ground again. Let's go!