Sunday, March 19, 2006

Joan's Update

Hello All! We just returned to the good ol' US of A after 10 days in the Mediterranean. (I wanted to post a pic here, but I can't get Blogger to accept any of my photos right now. I'll figure it out later.)

I clipped on the pedometer when we started each morning and took it off when we finished touring for the day. All together I logged 43.5 miles while we were gone. This was wonderful walking! We walked around Athens, Greece; Valetta, Malta; Naples, Pompeii, and Rome, Italy; Taormina, Sicily; and Nice, France! Wow, what an opportunity, huh!? Of course a good portion of it was also through airports - Atlanta, JFK and LaGuardia in New York, Athens, and Nice.

This touring milage brings my March total to 52.6 - a little over my goal of a double marathon for the month!!! And I still have 12 days to add more!

Sounds like some of you are doing great without as much incentive as I have had this month. Congratulations!

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Terrell said...

I've really enjoyed our walking this month, but I think i'd still prefer yours! I want to see those places some day!