Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mon/Tues Report - Terrell & Sheila

We drove over to First Avenue to explore the Silver Creek walk. We parked by an ancient warehouse, and started the short trail. The old railroad bridge over the Etowah has been reworked to hold the walking/bike trail. Just across the river the trail follows the surprisingly scenic Silver Creek. The stream cascades across rocks and below a steep cliff. There was once a grist mill here - no sign of it now. The trail ends near East 12th and we retraced our steps to the car while we talked with Brannon at Cypress Gardens on the cell phone. Multitasking. 1.5 miles. We dropped the car off at the house and went back out for our now usual nighttime walk of 3.2 miles to the foot of Broad Street and back.

We started just at dusk down the levee to the confluence as the full moon rose over the spires and towers of downtown. I took a few pics but they didn't turn that great. Maybe I can fix a couple to post. We walked up Broad tonight all the way to Eighth and back for a total of 3.2 for today.

So far in March: 39.1 miles.

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