Monday, March 06, 2006

Sunday/Monday report - Terrell & Sheila

I think Sheila may be committed to the Monthly Marathon now. She has accompanied me on every step of the MM this month so far. Yesterday afternoon we covered 2.5 miles on the levees. This evening we had a very nice brisk walk along Avenue A, Fifth Ave, First Street, across to Broad from the fire station, down Broad to the Etowah and back by the same route. That's 3.2 miles more.
We're up to 16.1 miles for March.

I hope the rest of the MM folks are getting out in this beautiful early Spring -- well, Spring has come to Georgia in flower and fancy if not by the calendar. The daffodils, pears, quince and forsythia are bursting out all over and some of the riverbank trees and shrubs have a fringe of tiny leaves or blooms.

Come, Spring, come!


Joan said...

Great job! We have not been doing so well. The weather has been gorgeous, but we have had meetings and "stuff" to do -- and I am still being a baby about my back and leg pain and stiffness. We should get in quite a bit of walking once we get to Greece. I dread the long flight, but there is always a lot of walking at the airports. We will walk around JFK during our 3 hour layover there tomorrow.

Terrell said...

Have a great trip, Joan!! I hope you get the opportunity to really blog occasionally, but I'll check out your "virtual" blogging anyway. :-)