Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1st Report

January - 27 miles (approx)
February - 29.5 miles
Two-month Total - 56.5

March Minimum Goal - 31 miles (At least I didn't quit!)
March Improvement Goal - 39 miles (By Gum, I improved a little!)
March Mr. Optimist Goal - 47 miles (Not too shabby!)
March Keepin'-up-with-Joan Goal - 52.4 miles (I think Ican, I think I can...)
March Starry-eyed Pie-in-the-Sky Idealist Goal - 62 miles (Whoopee, I'm Mr. Buff!! I might even run a ways, come April!)

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Carol said...

I should make a bigger goal - but I'm afraid I'm doing well to do the marathon. I should make a separate post with my February progress, but I don't have time to go through all the clicks to get to that point. I was a little under the marathon for February - ended up at 23.5 miles. Warmer weather is here -- I think it will be easier to accomplish this month. Congratulations Joan and Terry! You're making awesome progress.