Saturday, March 11, 2006

My feet hurt!

We skipped Thursday because of rain and Friday because Lillian's literary meet, a resulting shopping trip and laziness. So we decided to have a nice long walk in the springlike weather of early afternoon today. First we took Daisy for a one mile stroll. Then we walked down the levee to Fifth, across and over to Ridge Ferry Park via the Riverwalk. We discovered the walk has been extended behind Chieftains Museum so we explored it all the way to State Mutual Stadium - 3 miles out and 3 back, for a grand total of seven miles for the afternoon, and sore feet. Gorgeous walk among the mamas and daddys and kids, elderly couples, young lovers, friends, and individuals on foot, on bikes and in kayaks.

21.8 plus seven miles today put us past the old marathon mark for this month, already. 28.8!
And all of it together! It's been great spending this time with Sheila - though we've put off some other things so we can walk. Maybe we'll make one of those outlandish goals I set for this month.

My feet hurt.

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