Thursday, March 02, 2006

A good Start on March - Terrell

Sheila and I enjoyed the gorgeous bit of spring that is visiting late winter this week by taking long walks yesterday and today. Last night, after the Ash Wednesday service, we walked down to the courthouse, up First Av to the Library then down Broad Street all the way to the Etowah and back to Fifth Ave. where we stopped for supper at El Zarape and then back down Broad and up Third St to First Methodist and back again and home. A Total of 3.2 miles.
Tonight we walked the same route with a small adjustment but the same mileage. No dinner break this time.
So March is off to a good start: 6.4 miles so far. At this rate I'd make 99.2 miles this month. Doable, right? (Ha!)

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Joan said...

Great start, Terrell! And it has to be great for your spirits and relationship as well!