Wednesday, January 04, 2006

3 miles today; 21.62 to go

What a nice night for walking. I was able to measure my path via Sheila's new (used) car today and am much more certain of the exact distance I walked and when I figured my pace it was exactly the same as last time! Wow! My measurements last time were right. And my pedometer was right on the money.

There, dear sisters, is one of my truly weird things: obsession with synchonizing pedometers and such. Every year I do a unit on the solar system with a series of lessons called "A Walk Through the Solar System" I always get obsessed with exact measurements for our "on-campus" model. We count the one-foot tiles; use pedometers; use trundle wheels; double check -- it's ridiculous!

With intersession this week I've been busy. My pedometer says I've been hitting 9,000-11,000 steps per day just doing my thing, not counting "exercise walking", but I'm only gonna count the "on-purpose" Monthly Marathon walking.

I've gotta get me a walkman!


Carol said...

Great job, Terry!

Janette said...

Ugh! Having the same problem. The walk is confirmed by the car but I REALLY have to find my pedometer before I'm satisfied of the true distance! I LOVE dong 10,000 steps per day. And I love walking at night.

Joan said...

Terry, I, like you, got in over 9,000 steps on the pedometer just "doing my thing" yesterday -- not counting my exercise walk.

Sounds like you're doing great. Is Sheila walking with you?

2ndTwin said...

Sounds like all of you are doing a good job too, keeping up with the distance. Carol, sounds like you have a very lovely ground to walk around in. Thanks for the encouragement, there are 3 of us walking but it started to rain half way around the track and we had to run for the building for cover. We all had a good laugh ! Who would think that would feel so good for the rest of the day.... It is addicting.!!!