Sunday, January 01, 2006

Terrell is off and walking!

1.6 miles

January 1, 2006 - Sheila and I walked briskly 3750 steps along sidewalks, which was 1.6 miles according to my car odometer (I was obliged to measure after we got back. I know, I'm compulsive about these kinds of things.) That gives me an average stride of 27 in. to program into my pedometer.
24.62 miles to go!


Carol said...

Congratulations, Terrell! I got two miles in today -- don't know exactly because I couldn't measure it since it was trudging through dense woods and up steep hills! But it was well over an hour - so it HAS to be at least two miles.

Janette said...

Congratulations ladies! I only got in 2 miles - I wanted to do more but I planned my time poorly. Still I'm just excited I got up off my butt and did something.

Terrell said...

Now look here Janette, I have nothing but admiration and love for the ladies, but I ain't one! :-)

Joan said...

Great Terrell! You have 30 more days to get in those 24.62 miles!!!