Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday nite still pluggin along

Ok, I'm up to 16.1. Its been a busy week, rain on Tuesday, cold on Wednesday, too much work and too much to do. I love those little mileage meters some of you guys do, but I haven't been able to figure it out to include it, any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Weather is supposed to be good over the weekend, hope to get in a little extra mileage though I have a couple of days where I have to go with my dogs to an agility class. Keep up the good work.


Joan said...

Hi, Brandy. To get the mileage graphic, just go to Once there, you pick out your type of meter, input your datea, copy the code it gives you and paste it into your post. I usually open two windows so I can cut and paste without having to close down one site and open another in between operations.

walkmydogs said...

Thanks Joan, I keep trying to do that but the graphic won't show up, it won't even show up on Not sure if its just something in how things are set up on my computer. Will try it again.