Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How did everybody do today?

It's the third day of our first Monthly Marathon! We had several people join today. Some don't have blogs, and so they'll be posting here without linking to a blog.

I "walked" on the mini-trampoline for 30 minutes while watching tv. It's actually better exercise than actually walking because I make it more of a march. I'll count it as 2 miles since I think that is a fair estimate. That gives me 4 miles so far this month. 22.6 to go.

Anyone else??

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2ndTwin said...

When I can figure out how to sign in on the monthly marathon I will do this differently.
Monday I walked 1 mile around my development. I live in the country so it is a nice quiet walk. It was cold.
Tuesday was walking in the rain around the court at work. There are tennis courts and a baseball field and I have 2 other colleagues joining me at lunch. We approximately walked 3/4 mile.
Wednesday.. today.. we did 2 times around the field. I am purchasing a pedometer so we have an idea how far we are going.
so far so good! This is a nice way to do it.