Sunday, January 01, 2006

Janette: Walking and "reading"!

I started off the year with a great 3 mile walk and an equally great book. I've done this walking thing before and I've learned a few tricks. One is listening to a book on tape while I walk. One side of a tape is about 45 minutes to an hour or 3 to 4 miles depending on terrain. I allow myself to listen ONLY when I'm walking. This is fantastic motivation if you get a really good book, especially mysteries! You can't find out what happens next if you don't walk each day.

I get most of my books on tape from the public library, so my motivation comes cheap. It would be free if I didn't have the habit of stopping at the used bookstore every now and then to see what they have. I can pick up a book on tape there for about $6 which is a bargain for a few hours of entertainment and what's usually good motivation.

Today I started listening to Whisky Sour: A Jack Daniels Mystery by J.A. Konrath. The book, so far, is great but I admit that I didn't do the best job planning time for my walk. I'm really hoping to get 5 miles in each day but I won't be too disappointed if I stay over 2 or so.

Oh, and I really need to find a pedometer! I have two or three around here and can't find one. I'm too cheap to give in and buy another yet!

Good luck to everyone participating ~ I hope you find a way to have fun while getting healthy!


Terrell said...

Way to go, Janette! I'll havta get a "walkman" that'll play books on tape or CD. That sounds like a great idea for me. It would work, I think.

Carol said...

Great start!

Joan said...

Great, Janette! I used to keep a good taped mystery on hand all the time just for that purpose. Time flies when you are listening to a good mystery. I have even walked at the mall (before or right after opening time) that way.

Janette said...

Thanks everyone! My real problem is adjusting to my new walking surroundings. I used to have a fantastic place to walk, lots of hills and super safe. Where I am now is safe, flat but lots of traffic (it's really slow but you still have to watch out).

I just love walking to books on tape. Once you figure out your pace you can even use it to time your walks. My only real problem is keeping the book on tape and the book I'm currently reading stright in my head!

Keep walking everyone!