Monday, January 23, 2006


I can't find my notepad on which I have recorded my mileage. I believe that today is the only day I had not included. I know I didn't walk yesterday. I added today's 1.8 miles.


Carol said...

Wow! You're almost there!

I walked on the land again today -- for about 45 minutes. That probably worked out to maybe a mile? I should get a pedometer, I guess. Actually I have two of them - I've just never been able to make them work right. Don't know where they are now.

Will said...

This is a cool blog! I am actually training for a real marathon so i worked out how far my feet are taking me each month... about 8 marathons a month on average!
Marathon Blog

walkmydogs said...

8 marathons a month!!! PHEW!!