Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Newcomer to blogs and Monthly marathon

I've just joined so bear with me, I've never done blogs before. I saw this one and I like to get in a walk every day with my dogs. In fact, I have to walk them everyday, so this gives me a specific goal. On Monday we got in about 1.5 miles yesterday about 1 mile, and today was a work day so we did the short ciruit which is .7 miles. So that gets me to 3.2 so far for the month. Its a little bit each day but steady. The monthly marathon is a great idea. Most days I walk the neighborhood, there are several different circuits I take depending on how much time we have.
Brandy (Brenda)


Carol said...

Welcome Brenda - glad to have you. Congratulations on a great beginning on our first monthly marathon!

Janette said...

Brena, so glad you're here! People don't often realize how much those puppies influence us to exercise. I have a 12 year old dog myself, he's incredibly spoiled and my schedule usually revolves around him. He can be slow, but he, he gets me up and moving around at least 5 times a day so it counts, right?

Joan said...

Welcome Brenda! Letting the dogs walk you is a great idea! (grin)

Keep up the good work.

2ndTwin said...

Welcome to the marathon. What a great way to start off the new year !!!
Good Luck